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Beginning with a few people who brought their guitars and other instruments for a jam session, it developed into a night when three different bands were formed, and put on a lively performance each Tuesday evening.

The Market Inn
The Market Inn

Around the years 1990 to 1992 the Market Inn in Mansfield was a hot place for local people to play live music.

Now is your chance to re-live those moments if you were there, or get a taste of the atmosphere by sampling some of the original sounds recorded on location.

Click the REAL button at the left of each track to listen to the Real Audio version. See the link at the bottom of the page if you don't have a compatible player.

listen First - John and Wayne with some incredible jazz guitar.
listen More from John and Wayne. This is in Realaudio 3.0 format.
listen More from John and Wayne, joined by Pete on fiddle. September song.
listen Landlord's Shout Bad moon Rising. This is in Realaudio 3.0 format.
listen Landlord's Shout. An accordion medley featuring Danny.
listen John and Wayne, featuring Pete on Fiddle; the Russian gypsy song "Dark Eyes".
listen Pete the mandoline player - not the same person as the fiddle player. A well-worn tune - Never on a Sunday.
listen Next - Landlord's Shout with some energetic sounds. Accordion, fiddle and mandolin. Vocals by fiddle Pete; additional vocals and guitar by Joe Dolan.
listen Landlord's Shout again - The Lunatics are Taking over the Asylum. Listen carefully for some suitably crazy laughter from the audience.

You will need a recent version of Real Audio Player to listen to the tracks. Download one Free here. If you already have a RealPlayer but still cannot get the tracks to play, please see the HELP file. Download Free Realplayer

There were of course other musicians who played at the Market and recordings do exist of music by other performers such as "Grass" and "Flowering Heads".Perhaps I'll find time to dig some of these out one of these days...