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Real Audio Information
Real Audio Information

Real Audio or nowadays Real Media since video is included as well as audio, is a widely used format for distributing sound and motion video on the internet.

Why is it used? The advantage of this format is that long download times are avoided. It is a form of Streaming Media so the sound or video is played as it is downloaded, giving virtually instant access and allowing tracks of long duration (well over three minutes) to be accessed just as easily as those lasting only a few seconds.

This technology is undergoing constant change. Version 4 of the Real Audio Player may be supplied with windows 95/98. Unfortunately this and earlier versions of the Real Player are not capable of playing many of the tracks on this site.

Common error messages.

You may see a message like this appear when trying to access a sound or video track:

    This document is not a RealAudio or RealVideo document.
    For more information, please see Error 11 at: http//:www.real.com/help/errors
Sample Error Message - Realplayer error 11

The message above is caused when an older version of the Realplayer is attempting to access files in a newer format. The answer is to go to the Real Audio website and download the latest version of the player. When you get to the Realmedia website, you will be invited to spend some money on their latest product. This is not necessary - look for the free player which they also distribute.

You can find out more about this error from RealPlayer's own website.



A more perplexing error is this one:

First the player displays a status message

    Contacting host: www.peter.kochut.btinternet.co.uk
Sample Error Message - Realplayer tries to Connect

Then after a very short time, the display changes to simply


Sample Error Message - Realplayer simply stops with no explanation

RealPlayer simply stops with no explanation. This leaves you with no idea of what has gone wrong. I suggest you check the version of the player which you are using by selecting help - about from the menu.

Checking the version of Realplayer

If the version number is less than 5, then this is the reason for the problem, you need a newer version in order to access the tracks. An up to date version may be downloaded here.